Packed to the Rafters?

TVNZ’s popular drama offering, Packed to the Rafters, highlights an ever increasing dilemma for many NZ families.  The generation of ‘boomerang children’ and elderly parents struggling to find accommodation has seen a sharp increase in family coming together under the same roof as the recession takes hold.  For many ‘empty nesters’ this can pose a problem, particularly when they have too many people and not enough space.

A popular solution to this modern day dilemma is hiring or purchasing a Portable Room.  Rachael Paine, director of Portable Rooms in Cambridge, highlights the increased  number of enquiries from families who no longer have enough room to accommodate those who need it.  “Every week we hear stories from families who have been very comfortable in their family home suddenly needing to house extra family members.  Many are unaware, and often pleasantly surprised, by how easy it is to offer extra accommodation on their existing site by hiring or purchasing one of our quality Portable Rooms”.  The standard hire building from Portable Rooms is a 3.6m x 2.4m room, perfect as an extra bedroom or office….and priced at only $60 incl GST per week, they are a fantastic affordable option.  The larger 6m x 2.4m rental option offers more space to create a home away from home, and at only $110 incl GST per week offers a great solution to this modern day dilemma.

Portable Rooms also prides itself on providing well constructed and stylish building options to their clients.  The two hire options are popular models, and can also be purchased, starting from as little as $9800 incl GST.  Portable Rooms also offers a fantastic range of semi or fully self contained units.  “Working through with our clients what will suit their exact needs is one of the exciting aspects to this business.  Portable Rooms prides itself on excellent customer service which means we listen to our clients.  Transportable buildings are perfect, cost effective options when you find yourself ‘packed to the rafters’ ” said Rachael Paine.








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