Portable Buildings are a great solution to your growing accommodation needs. As we build in our factory we save on time and labour compared to traditional building on site. And should you move, your building comes with you!

Below are some frequently asked questions in regards to our buildings. If you can’t find what you are looking for, send us an email or call 0800 336 822 ….. we’re only too happy to help!


Do you have a minimum rental period?

Our small units have a minimum rental period of 6 months, our large is 12 months. Four weeks notice must be given for return of units, however this cannot be before 6 months rental duration. In special circumstances we do offer short term rentals which can be negotiated. Talk to us today.

Do I have to pay a bond?

Yes, a $200 bond is payable on all of our rental units. This is returned at the end of use if the room is returned clean and tidy including windows and carpets.

Is there a delivery charge applicable?

A delivery charge does apply for our rooms, and this must be paid up front. In most instances the delivery price quoted will include collection when you have finished with the unit.  For greater distances we do offer the option to pay for the delivery fee first and pick up fee later.

How often do I have to pay rent?

Rent must always be paid in advance and can be set up as weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Invoices can be issued on request. Rent must be paid by Automatic Payment.

Do I need a permit for your units?

Our small unit, which is under 10 m2 , generally does not require consent or permit. For the larger rental buildings local Council Regulations should be consulted in regards to a Portable Building on your site.


How much space do I need to get my unit delivered?

We need an allowance of around 3m width for delivery of our units. The units are delivered on a truck or trailer, depending on size of the unit. The vehicle backs into position so it pays to let us know which way you want it facing and we will load the building as per your requirements. Where access is difficult we can arrange placement by our local hi-ab company to lift the building into place.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are based in Cambridge, New Zealand.  Our coverage area extends to South Auckland, down to Taupo, and includes Bay of Plenty.  




Purchase units are not currently an option.

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